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Professional Branding Sessions in Colorado Springs

Professional Business Branding Photo Sessions

Stock pictures are no longer in use. Authentic graphics are now required for making a genuine connection with your audience. Our Business Branding Photo Sessions at Springs Portraiture are perfect for large and small groups. Bring your team together for a photograph that will capture the personality and talent behind your company.

There will be plenty of laughs and bloopers. Choose from one of our regular packages or contact us to create a session tailored to your needs. We can facilitate the strategy session during our branding session, guiding the subjects and questions toward obtaining considerable feedback. We may then develop and create a brand with a strategy based on the discoveries and information gathered; one that covers who your company is, what you want it to say, and how you want it to look.

What Is A Business Branding Session?

A branding discovery or strategy session is a company brainstorming session in which everyone from the C-suite to brand managers, as well as those who contribute valuable input, gets together to create a solid image that is consistent across all channels and communications.

Depending on where your firm is in the branding lifecycle, a strategy discussion might last anywhere from an hour to a full day. The meeting is an open platform for cooperation that is frequently hosted by branding, advertising, or marketing firms, which will take the group’s comments and develop it into a well-defined brand, both in terms of look and message.

How to start with it?

Prepare to reveal the truth! You’ll fill out a brief that’s jam-packed with useful questions that paint a picture of you, your brand, and your shoot aim. Your shoot’s time and date will be confirmed by us. We’ll get on the phone to iron out the details, from the venue to the props and postures. After that, we’ll begin our meeting.

Are you prepared to work your magic? On either side of the camera, this is where we come together to bring our idea to life. Don’t be concerned if you’re nervous. I’ll be right there with you to help you. You’ll receive an email with a link to view and download the finished product within two weeks of our shoot. Then, you get to enjoy sharing your beautiful new images everywhere.

Springs Portraiture Photograher with laptop


When you think of your company’s brand, what comes to mind? Is your target audience seeing things the same way you do? What methods do you use to create the image you want them to see? With the help of brand strategists, you can uncover the answers to these questions during a branding session. Another important outcome of a successful brand strategy is recognition.

Customers may become confused determining which product belongs to which company when your competitors solve similar problems or provide similar solutions to yours. The world’s most well-known firms created their logos to avoid consumer confusion and ensure that their product stands out in a crowd of similar ones. As a result, make a point of booking a business branding session with Springs Portraiture.a